After the second president passed away, We took over the sauces and know-how. In 2010, The third president,  We opened Unagi and Charcoal-grilled TOYOCHOU in Tsukuba city.

We are cooking Highest Grade JapaneseUNAGI”with used the sauce that has been added since the company was founded.

We hope you enjoy our Highest Grade Unagi.

Sauce of History

Our original 1952 sauce recipe

Since the restaurant opened in 1952, we have been using the same secret and original sauce, made without the sweet sake commonly used at other unagi restaurants.

Our Japanese Eel

Grew up in a place with Clean Natural Water

Our eel is domestically sourced, mainly from Sadowara in the South Kyusyu area of Miyazaki prefecture. Occasionally additional eel is acquired from other areas of Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefecture.


"Hitachi Odamai Rice"

Please also enjoy our delicious rice, “Hitachi Odamai Rice” which is grown with plenty of blessings from the foot of Mt. Tsukuba. This locally renowned rice is famous for glossy, fluffy, sweet and sticky texture.

Japanese spice

Japanese Spice

Our restaurant serves “Budou-sansho”, Japan’s most elegant and highest quality pepper, uniquely grown and harvested only in Kisyu-Wakayama. Known for its characteristic rich but cool aromatic and savory flavor, we recommend including it between grilled eel and rice.